Purple Pasta

The other night while I was making fresh pasta for my kids, my daughter asked – “Can we make Purple Pasta?” Hm… Purple Pasta, I had heard of using carrots to make Orange Pasta, but Purple I thought could get interesting.

I went on a quick search on the internet and found a good recipe for Purple Pasta using Beets.

• 3 Medium Beets
• 1 Head of Garlic
• Fresh Pasta (we used a simply egg pasta recipe, made fresh in our Pasta Fresh Maker)

*Source – GroupRecipes.com

We had to cook the beets and remove the skin. Once they cooled we diced them up. We then roasted 1 head of garlic. In a sauce pan with oil (about 2tbs)

I squeezed in the garlic and poured in the beets, stirring them together. I tossed in the pasta we had already made (and cooked) and stirred them all together creating a wonderfully coated Purple Pasta that was warm and ready to eat.

Top with fresh Parsley and Parmesan Cheese this was a fun way to enjoy pasta night and best of all, my daughter felt so proud to share her Purple Pasta with everyone!